How to apply for family reunion visa in Germany

family reunion visa germany
how to avail family reunion visa

A family reunion visa in Germany is offered to non-European residents who want to reunite with their families and live in Germany. Many moves to Germany in search of better living conditions. The growing economy of Germany offers better education, better opportunities, and diverse job occupation. Thus it has a high immigration rate. Germany houses many non-German residents. But some of them had to leave their families in their home country and settled themselves in Germany. If you are one of those residents and want to bring your family to Germany, you can avail this Visa.

Family reunion Visa

Immigration Authorities of Germany have developed a special type of visa for non-European citizens. By which family members outside Germany can apply to join their family member in Germany. It is a long stay visa for citizens of the non-European state. You will be allowed this visa only if your relative is currently living in Germany.

Eligibility criteria

If you want to apply for this type of Visa you are eligible only when:

  • Your family member lives in Germany
  • That member has a residence permit in Germany
  • That member can support himself and also immigrating members financially

Who are recognized as family members?

The member recognized as your family and can apply for this type of Visa is:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Others


If you want to immigrate your spouse to Germany there are certain conditions. You can bring your partner only if:

  • If you are both above 18
  • You have been living in Germany for at least two years on a residence permit.
  • Your immigrating partner has basic German language skills at least A1 level.

There are exceptions and your immigrating partner does not necessarily need to have the language skill if:

  • You are an EU Blue Cardholder
  • Or you are a highly qualified worker of shortage profession
  • If you are self-employed
  • Or your immigrating partner is a graduate


Parents residing in Germany can bring their child. But it varies according to the age of the child. If you are a parent there are two age range for children, select the one according to your child

Below age of 18

If your child is below 18 there are the following conditions:

  • If both parents are residents in Germany. And their children are younger than 18 years. They can join their parents easily without having to fulfil any conditions
  • On the other hand, a single parent is residing. He/She is permitted to bring their child to Germany only if you have the sole custody of the child.
Above age of 18

If your child is above the age of 18. In order to get a family reunification visa in Germany the child must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The child must not be married
  • He/she must be either fluent in German
  • Or the child must be able to blend in easily into German society (judged by the German embassy)


You can move your parents to Germany with you. There are two conditions depending on the age of non- European citizen residing in Germany:

  • If Children below the age of 18 are resident in Germany, and no one who possesses the right of their care and custody in Germany, then their biological or adoptive parents are given the reunification visa to join them.
  • On the other hand, if children above 18 are residing in Germany their parents can only come to Germany in order to prevent some kind of  hardship


Others include siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles or grandparents. They can join you but family reunification visa for this type of relation is given very rarely. These are given only when to prevent some kind of hardship.


In order to apply for family reunification visa in Germany. You will need the following documents:

  • Valid Passport valid and that is valid for at least three more months beyond the time of your stay you have applied for in Germany.
  • You must have two application forms available online or at the German embassy in your country.
  • Two German visa photos that follow the standards set by the German government
  • You must show booked ticket from your home country to Germany
  • Germany Travel Health Insurance
  • Proof of financial mean usually submitted by the person residing in Germany (mostly bank statement and employment certificate). This shows that they are able to financially support their immigrating family members. However, the immigrant can also submit documents which show that they have enough funds to support themselves.
  • An invitation letter from the family member who is residing in Germany.
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany
  • Proof of German language skills of at least A1 level

Some documents vary according to the type of member applied for. In case of spouse you need additional documents:

  • A marriage certificate attested by a foreign officer, translated into German and certified by the Germany embassy
  • If the spouse is a German national, then a copy of  the German spouse’s passport and identity card have to be submitted
  • And if the spouse is non-German resident in Germany, proof of passport and legal residence must be submitted

In case of children additional documents are:

  • The birth certificate of the child
  • Proof of child’s nationality
  • And proof that shows parents residing in Germany has the right of custody of the child.

All the documents must be submitted in either English or German. If the documents are issued in other languages, then you will have to provide attested translation with each of them.

Procedure for family reunion Visa in Germany

You can apply for the visa by following the given procedure:

  • Get the list of documents required form the German embassy in your home country.  This is for in case additional documents are required but mostly documents mentioned above are needed.
  • Prepare all the mentioned documents
  • Book an appointment for an interview at the German embassy.
  • Attend interview on time and bring all the documents with you.
  • Pay the visa application fee. Submit your documents and application at the German embassy in your country.
  • You will have a short interview about your background and the reason for your travel.

Family reunion visa Germany cost

You will have to pay a visa fee. That usually costs 75,00 Euro for adults and for children up to 18 years 37,50 Euro.

This fee cannot be refundable. This means that if you decide to withdraw your application or if your visa application is rejected. You will not be able to get your money back. And when you want to reapply for family reunification visa in Germany then you will have to pay the fee again.

Time required

The processing varies from just a few weeks to months. Therefore, you schedule an appointment on time.  The time required depends on the number of applications processing at the embassy when you applied.

After arriving in Germany

After arriving in Germany, you have to register at a registration office. You should present passport and document (birth certificates, a marriage certificate, salary slips and tax certificates). And you have to show your German residence. You have to complete this task within two weeks after arriving in Germany.

We hope this article helps you get family reunion visa in Germany.


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