What is Aufnahmeprüfung and Feststellungsprüfung?

Aufnahmeprüfung and Feststellungsprüfung
What are Aufnahmeprüfung and Feststellungsprüfung exams?

Aufnahmeprüfung and Feststellungsprüfung are two examinations to be given to study bachelors in Germany. Every country has its own educational system. If you are coming to Germany to study you have to get adjusted to their educational system. Many look up to education in Germany. That is because Germany prepares its students professionally. Germany also has a world ranking institutes that hold international prestige.


“Aufnahmeprüfung” is like an entrance exam. The international students who want to attend the Studienkolleg must give this examination. It proves that your German knowledge is sufficient enough to study in the Studienkolleg class. This exam mostly consists of German language and mathematics.

What is a foundation course?

Foundation course or Studienkolleg is a preparatory course designed to prepare the coming international students. You study this course if you want to study in Germany but your educational background does not qualify you for direct entry into your bachelors. Studienkolleg will prepare you academically and linguistically for your further studies in Germany.


Feststellungsprüfung in simple words is a University qualification exam or entrance exam. Feststellungsprüfung is a test that determines your eligibility to study in Germany.  The Studienkolleg prepares you for this final examination. If you want to get admission into the German university you will have to clear this course.

Why give these tests?

If your secondary-school certificate is not acceptable for study in Germany, you will have to attend a foundation course (“Studienkolleg”) before you are allowed to enrol in any institution. The high school education in Germany consists of 13 years in total. While in other it is about 12 years mostly. So you do not have the qualifications required for Germany university admission for bachelor degree level.

Thus, you have to study at Studienkolleg first which teaches you the German language. Then the gap of education will be filled for your further undergraduate admission. The Aufnahmeprüfung and Feststellungsprüfung exams are proof of your German language knowledge.

Procedure for Aufnahmeprüfung

To study a foundation course (Studienkolleg) you need to give “Aufnahmeprüfung”. This is basically to check if your German knowledge of B1 level.

  • You can apply for this either through uni-assist or directly through the university.
  • You get an invitation letter for the exam.
  • Then when you travel to Germany you have to give this admission test.
  • If you pass this test only then you can study studienkolleg.

Note: The entrance exam is taken in January or February for the summer semester. The entrance exam is taken in July for the winter semester. It can be repeated twice.

Aufnahmeprüfung Exam course

It mostly contains two sections German and mathematics. The paper structure varies for each university but the usual structure is as follow:



German test is of almost B2 level. It may have comprehension; fill in blanks and text production. Sometimes there is text production as well. This exam is usually 45-60 mins long.


This exam consists of basic mathematics questions. It usually contains algebra, geometry and some differentiation and integration. You are allowed a calculator for this exam. The exam is usually 60 mins long.

Feststellungsprüfung Exam course

This test is taken completely in German. It consists of the following parts:

  • One part of the examination is a German language test.
  • The second part is of examination is from subjects related to your future bachelor’s degree. Two mandatory subjects are selected according to the studienkolleg you studied.
  • Third additional test may be carried out. This is an oral examination.

Note: If you fail the test on the first attempt, you may repeat it to pass.

When to take FSP

You may be allowed to take the “Feststellungsprüfung” only after one semester if your grades are very good. However, usually, it is conducted after 1 year when you complete your foundation course semester. This is conducted twice a year.

External Feststellungsprüfung

You can also take an FSP exam as an external candidate. External candidates are students who want to take Exam without attending the foundation course. For this, the candidate has to prepare for the Exam by themselves. If you are want to take as an external candidate then you have to meet the same requirements as students who studied Studienkolleg. You must know C1 level German.

Note: As an external candidate you must apply through Uni-assist.

After passing Feststellungsprüfung

If you are able to clear the FSP examination then you can apply to different universities for further studies. You can now study bachelors in Germany.

We hope this article helps you clear your Aufnahmeprüfung and Feststellungsprüfung.

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