About Us

DriveeGermany is a 10MB project. The core purpose of 10MB is to contribute the society. DriveeGermany shares a significant part in this purpose. 10MB is working on different projects altogether. Please do check our other projects DriveeUAE and flutterRDart.

Germany is a rich multicultural country. DriveeGermany aims to help to make all the foreigners a better German citizen. We guide you to get one of the toughest driving licenses in the world.

Germany has a fee-free educational system which attracts a lot of scholars and we help them to secure admission and scholarship in German universities.

German GDP is one of the strongest GDP in the world. Germany is dream country for experts. DriveeGermany help you to get a better job in Germany.

We cover all the basic things that you need to know about Germany. Stay connected and do share your thoughts.