Canada vs Germany which is better for Higher Education

Canada Germany Higher Education
The choice about where to pursue Higher Education.

Many students want to pursue higher education abroad. But having to choose between different countries is most difficult. You have to come up with a decision after looking up at all options. Only you can come up with the best decision for yourself. In this article, we will compare Canada and Germany higher education. And some other factors that may help you develop a better understanding of the pros and cons of both countries.

Canada Germany Higher Education

Higher education usually refers to a Master or Doctorate level study. For this type of education, you need proper university support. This a post-graduate level study and you require a lot of resources. This makes the choice of institution difficult for the student. So many remain indecisive thinking where to study? Canada and Germany are well known for their higher education.

Canada VS Germany

Canada and Germany both are one of the most advanced countries. Both having universities that are recognized worldwide. Both offer an excellent teaching environment. And they have the best institutes that have technology not available in any other country. Their Degrees are very valuable. But how can you make a decision about where to study. We have written some main points and the differences. These may help you choose between Germany and Canada the one better for your higher education. These are as follow:


Most students set tuition fee as their criteria. Not everyone can neglect fee when looking for education.

  • If you are able to afford high tuition fee then going to Canada is no problem. As the average tuition fee for studying in Canada is usually about 12000 CAD per year. This is very expensive. You may be able to get a scholarship but that is an exception.
  • On the other hand, Germany has very low tuition fee and even some of their universities charge no fee. The average tuition fee for studying in Germany is usually 600 Euros per year. And this is very economical.

Social Life

  • If you are moving to University in Canada you will mostly experience a very friendly environment. Many approach you and talk to you. You can develop an understanding of people fast. In short, you will have an exciting time. And you will need to have a social life. Because if you do not talk to them and do not join them. They perceive you as rude.
  • In contrast, Germans do not like to interfere with anyone. Whatever you are doing they do not bother. So no one will approach you unless you want to talk to them. This does not mean that they are arrogant; they are very helping if you ask them something. They just want to mind their own business.
Higher education germany vs Canada


If you are planning future immigration, you must check the procedure of citizenship in both countries. When moving to any place as a student you must consider your future.

  • It is considered very difficult to gain citizenship in Germany. You need to fulfil many requirements and spend a lot of time (almost 7-8 years) in Germany to gain German citizenship.
  • Citizenship of Canada can be obtained more easily compared to Germany. It has a point system and you have to spend less time (almost 4 years) compared to Germany.


You need a place to live anywhere you move to. Accommodations have to be found before you move in both countries.

  • In the case of Canada, the hostels are very expensive. You may rent a joint room or basement they would be less expensive compared to your on-campus room.
  • In contrast, Germany has cheaper accommodation. It is difficult to find accommodation in Germany as well but your university will offer you help in this.


Communication is a huge factor where ever you move to.

  • If you are going to study in Canada, you can easily communicate with anyone in English. There is English everywhere.
  • In contrast, you will suffer from huge language barrier if you are going to study in Germany. You can choose an all English program but still, you need to communicate with teachers or student.

So if you are not willing to learn a new language you better choose Canada over Germany for higher education.

Living cost

As a student moving to anywhere you have a limited budget.

  • The living cost in Canada is huge. The food is expensive, the accommodation is expensive, your commute cost you, utility bills etc.
  • Germany is better when it comes to living cost. As you will find that everything is cheaper in Germany compared to other European states.

Part-time jobs

In both countries, on a student visa, you can work part-time for about 20 hours a week.

  • The thing is that the part-time pay in Canada is very less. With huge living expenses, low pay can be very stressful. The minimum wage in Canada is 12-13 CAD per hour. And you mostly find jobs that pay you minimum wage.
  • In contrast, Germany offers more convenient part-time job. The minimum wage in Germany is 9-10 Euros per hour. But you can find part-time in Germany that offers you 12-15 Euros.

Semester system

  • In Canada, you will be evaluated throughout the semester. You need to give multiple quizzes and assignments except exams. This is convenient for some who do not want to depend on only their final term. For some many quizzes are fun activities in class.
  • On the other hand in Germany, your result depends upon your final exam. Mostly there is no evaluation in between the semester. So you just need to give good exams at the end of the semester.
higher education

Jobs availability

  • There are more jobs available in Germany. After graduating if you have skills and good academic standing there are higher chances of you finding a job.
  • On the other side, there is a huge competition you have to pass through to find a job in Canada. And even if you have good standing you need another factor. You need references from teachers or your superiors to find a job in Canada.


The weather is very important for some. If you are one of those who cannot adapt to the new environment then you can set weather as criteria.

  • Canada has extremely cold weather throughout. In fact, some cities in Canada have snow falling for 8 months. So if you are a snow lover Canada is a place for you.
  • But if you cannot stand the snow everywhere for so long, you should choose Germany. Germany does not have such extreme snow falling but some cities in Germany have drastic weather changes. It may be sunny now and raining the next moment.

Travel Europe

  • One of the advantages of moving to Germany is the fact that you can travel to many places without a visa. You can travel to most European states for free. And they are mostly present nearby.
  • In contrast to moving to anywhere from Canada, you need a visa. You are not able to travel as easily from Canada.

We hope this article helps you select country that suits you best.


  1. Both countries are best but I like Canada more…Its more peaceful here :)Being a half German, I never got any problem regarding to the education system.


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