Home Driving & Laws How to get german driving licence (Führerschein) – A Complete Guide

How to get german driving licence (Führerschein) – A Complete Guide

How to get german driving licence (Führerschein)
German driving license - step by step procedure

How to get a German driving licence (Führerschein)

Once for all we are going to solve this query ” How to get a german driving licence (Führerschein) ” To get a German Driving License (Führerschein) is not rocket science but you have to follow a few steps to make your life easier. We are going through each and every step that is needed for German Driving License.

There are different requirements depending on the country where you’re from. The legal driving age in Germany is 17 however you need to be accompanied by an adult until you reach the age of 18. This used to be 18 years of age but the Government has changed the rules a couple of years ago but remembers an adult company is a must who has had his German driver’s license for at least five years. So you can start taking driving lessons at the age of sixteen and a half to be able to drive the day of your birthday.

German Driving License Tests

Theory Test: There’s one written theory test and a practical test. The theory test is all about memorizing questions and answers. You can practice all the German Driving License Theory Test Questions and Answers. It takes a couple of days or weeks it really depends on you how good you are at memorizing questions and answers. It’s just it doesn’t make sense to know everything that they ask you they ask a lot of technical questions and a lot of questions that are just unnecessary.

German Driving License Theory Test in English surely will help you to understand the complete procedure of German theory test like how much it cost what documents are needed. Please carefully follow what to do on “theory exam day”.

Practical Test: There’s a practical test where well you have to drive the car. You’re going to be behind the wheel your driving instructor is going to be sitting next to you and the driving examiner is going to be sitting in the back. The driving examiner is going to give you the instructions. He is going to ask you where to go, So

  1.  A learner should be able to drive on the German Autobahn.
  2.  As a student, you need to be able to drive through the city.
  3.  You should know how to drive through calm streets.
  4.  And you also must know how to park your car.

This is a very important element because if you’re not able to park your car or if you fail to park your car you’re not going to pass the exam so you definitely have to practice that. You will definitely practice parking in your driving lessons that’s for sure and well during the test you shouldn’t take you too long to park the car. You shouldn’t be driving back and forth back and forth the whole time.

Driving School: You need to register at an official certified driving school that’s very important so you can’t just learn with your uncle or your friend. I know that this is very common in other countries but a German driver’s license tests that you have to take are rather difficult.

It’s uncommon to fail your tests. If you fail it can cost you a lot of money. You have to pay 300 or 400 extra euros as you need to take additional German driver driving license. Anyway, don’t feel bad if you don’t pass the first time because it happens to a lot of people.

Already have your driver’s license !!! You can drive in Germany for a maximum period of six months and after that, you need to either extend your driving licence or you need to obtain the German driver licence and that depends on which country you’re from. If you’re from an EU country or EEA country you can usually extend your drivers license. However, if you are from a country outside of the EU you have to obtain the German driver’s license so that means taking either the practical or the theoretical exam or even both.


  • Passport or Ausweis (German ID card)
  • 1 photo (Lichtbild, 35 x 45 mm, borderless)
  • German translation of license (from ADAC, 40 euro fee)*
  • Your valid driver’s license from your home country
  • Recent vision test (Sehtest) certification (for class A, A1, B, BE, M, L or T license). Visit any eye clinic near you, they can provide a vision test result.
  • Proof of how long you’ve had the license (if not already on the original license)
  • Confirmation of your first city registration (Anmeldung)
  • Proof of completion of a first-aid course (only sometimes offered in English)
  • A fee of 40 euros in cash (if no tests are required)



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