German Driving License Theory Test in English

German Driving License Theory Test in English
prepare your German driving license in English.

It’s time to practice your German driving license theory test in English. You can attempt german driving theory in several different languages. This article will surely help you to prepare your German driving license in English.

German driving license is divided into two sections. First one is the Theory Test and the second one is the Practical Test. Apart from that, you have to follow some steps to get a German driving license. Here you can follow all those steps on how to get a German driving license- A complete guide.

German Driving License Theory Test in English

Theory lessons are offered by Fahrschule(Driving Schools).  You have to take attend at least 14 lessons (12 in Grundstoff and 2 in Zusatzstoff). You can skip these lessons if you have converted your foreign driving license to a German one. Remember if you decide to skip theory classes then you have to prepare for the German theory test by yourself.

If you choose you to enrol in a Fahrschule, please consider these things. Always look for a recommendation from the local people. You should know if the Fahrschule staff can speak English or not. Fahrschule rating and reviews also matter. You can find these reviews online and don’t forget to share your personal experience as well.

As a lot of foreigners decide to convert their driving license into a German one and also prefer to skip the theory lesson classes. It is important to share from where you can practice by yourself.

German Theory Test Material

*  Well, the first option was to register yourself into a Fahrschule. This option is not valid anymore :-/ Maybe, still for some people 😛

*  You can order a DVD online. I personally don’t recommend. There is no support system and after a while, you won’t be able to use that DVD. There are always a few changes in the Questionnaire so in that case DVD is useless.

Online resource: You can find very valuable material online. Practice daily to pass the theory test. We have covered you here. Practice official German driving license theory test Questions and Answers
Android and iOS applications are also good to practice the theory test. These applications allow offline practising. Here is our recommended application.

If you translate your foreign driving license to German you are allowed to drive for the period of six months. Here are the fee details.


45.00€ for Translation of foreign driving license (Latin alphabets)

70.00€ for Translation of foreign driving license (non-Latin alphabets)

Non – ADAC Members

55.00€ for Translation of foreign driving license (Latin alphabets)

80.00€ for Translation of foreign driving license (non-Latin alphabets)

To register for driving license test. You first need to register at Führerscheinstelle. Before visiting Führerscheinstelle please carry these documents with you.

  1. Passport
  2. Foreign driving license with translation
  3. Photocopy of the foreign DL
  4. Biometric Photo
  5. First Aid course certificate
  6. Eye test results
  7. Letter confirming registration at a driving school
  8. 40-60€

After the successful registration, you have to wait for 4-6 weeks and will you receive a letter confirming the registration and then you have to pay the fee for theory and practical exam.

Appointment for the theory exam

Once you receive the letter from Führerscheinstelle and paid the fee for theory test you can request your driving school to book and test appointment on your behalf. Driving school can charge 40~80 to book an appointment.

Theory Test Exam

Finally, it’s the day. Either the driving school teacher will take you to the exam centre or you can reach there on your own. Make sure to reach the exam centre 15 minutes before the allotted time. You will be assigned a computer. You can give the theory test in 12 different languages: German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (only in some federal states). Make sure you to let the examiner know about your prefered language.

The test consists of 30 multiple questions. There could be one correct option or multiple correct options. Questions can be only text, videos or images. Above all, If you score 10 negative points you will fail the exam. If you pass the exam, the result is valid for 1 year. You have to clear your practical theory test within a year. Besides that, if you don’t pass the practical test within 12 months of giving the theory exam, you have to reappear for the theory exam.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring

  1. Passport and Aufenthaltstitel
  2. Appointment letter (if provided by the driving school)
  3. Training certificate issued by the driving school

These are all the things you have to consider for German Driving License Theory Test in English. We wish all the luck ❤️We highly recommend you to follow driveeGermany for more driving-related tips and tricks.

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