German Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

student visa interview questions
The German student visa interview questions.

Most students looking forward to studying in Germany face one major problem. That is the visa interview, it makes one anxious. On the other hand, those who have passed the interview recall it as a simple easy introduction of themselves. The main purpose of this interview is to check whether the person will be able to adjust to Germany. So you should not take too much stress. It is better to give an interview in a relaxed state. In this article, you will learn about the German student visa interview questions and how to answer them.
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German Student Visa Interview Questions

Your interview mostly contains simple and to the point questions. They mainly want to know about the purpose of your travel. Your interview mostly contains some general questions. But some other questions can be asked depending on the interviewer.

german student visa interview question

General Questions

The most general questions asked during the student visa interview are:

Why do you want to study in Germany?                                                                               

You can answer it like:

I decided to study in Germany because it has become the centre of excellence with its high-class educational system. Germany is one of the most popular destinations of international students. Deciding for Germany is not uncommon, as German degree is acknowledged all over the world.

Note: Keep in mind to explain the eccentricity and advancement of Germany. Also how you value German degree more than other international countries.
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Why did you choose this city?

This should be answered according to the choice of your University City. Search the city carefully before the interview. Look for some sightseeing or culturally important areas of that city. Show your interest in going to that particular city.

Why did you choose this program/course? Is this program relevant to your previous studies?

Explain the relation of your previous studies with the current program. How this is more advanced in Germany and can provide you with a better learning environment. How passionate you are about learning in this particular field. And that this will provide you with excellent command over your field. And it will add value to your profile.

  • In case, you have switched to a new field, explain how you got interested in that course. How this inspired you to study this and what you want to learn about in this field.

Why did you choose this university and how did you find about it?

Explain how you decide on this university. You can say that this university is top among international students. How it is one of the best university for your particular program. They provide great education, great internship opportunities, has low tuition fee and a great working environment, etc. In case you are about to study through a scholarship, explain you are benefiting from this program greatly.

Note:  keep in mind that before the interview search the university and get some insights about what makes this university favorable for you. And what does it offer you?
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IELTs score for visa

What are your grades in your bachelors, high school degree and IELTS?

They want to cross-check the educational information you provided. Tell them the exact score you have achieved in everything. And also the grading system used in your university and high school.

Can you speak German?

As you are moving to Germany they ask you about German language skills. If you speak German or have a certificate show it to them. In case you do not speak German tell them you are currently learning it and you will improve it further by taking courses in Germany.

Who is sponsoring your education?

They want to cross-check your sponsorship documents. If you have a sponsor you should know about their job and annual salary. You have to prove that they can support you financially through your studies mostly by banks statement. Also, show them your blocked account statement.

In case you are going on scholarship. Show them the scholarship awarding certificate as it will be funding your studies.

Would you return to your country after completing your studies?

You should tell them that your main goal is to return to your country after completion of your degree. And tell them that you will use your knowledge and skills acquired in Germany to impact your own country. You should show no intention of staying in Germany after completing your studies.

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Note: Keep in mind that a student visa is granted with the intention that the student will return to his country after his studies. Even though most students would prefer to stay in Germany after completion of their studies, this is not what the German government wants. They want students to take the knowledge they learned in Germany to their countries

Other Questions

The interviewer during the student visa interview may ask some other questions. These questions vary from person to person.

About Germany

Name any tourist places in Germany and why they are famous?

Mention some German parks, palaces, museums, Berlin Wall, and other sightseeing spots that are considered the country’s best attractions.

How many borders does Germany have and with which countries?

Mention all the neighbouring countries you know about. Remember to search about Germany before the interview. Germany has nine neighbours. It includes countries Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France.

How many states are there in Germany, and can you name some of them?

They are simply interested in your Germany knowledge. Germany has 16 states. You just have to know about some of the states you can mention to show your interest.

What benefits can this program bring for you?

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Mention how you can advance in your carrier through this program. The job options you are expecting to have after your graduation at a German university. Tell them your country in this field lack of expertise. And that you will multiple opportunities in your country after completion of this course.

What is the Program start date?

They want to know the date of your enrollment in university as a student. You have to mention this according to the information on your admission letter from the university.

Is the program completely in English?

Tell them if you are going to study in an international program or a regular program. Usually, international programs are offered in English completely, but some may include German lessons. Keep in mind to have the exact information about the language of your studies; otherwise, it leaves a bad impression.

Note: If your program is taught in English (international program) then you are not required to present any German language certificate. However, if your program requires German (even partial) then it is obligatory for you to present some German language certificate to prove your German knowledge.

Name some of the famous researchers in your field of study?

Mention several famous researchers of your field, who are your inspiration and motivation. Take time and make a list of all important researchers and researches before the interview.
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Where will you stay in Germany?

They want to know what type of accommodation you have found. There are different types of accommodations available to international students in Germany like private accommodation, student hostels, shared room, etc. If you have found a place to stay in Germany provide the exact address.  It’s better to make accommodation arrangements in advance. Your University can help you with this.

What is your intended travel date?

You should mention the travel dates according to your travel ticket. Be careful that these dates have to early enough that you can register yourself and get enrolled.

What do you plan to do during your vacations?

You should show no interest in getting a job in vacations. In fact, you should mention your intentions to go back to your home country to reunite with family and friends during the semester break. You should never say anything that shows your plan to work in Germany as that shows you lack financially. This shows that you are travelling to Germany intending for employment instead of studying there.

Do you have any relative in Germany?

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Be truthful for this. Only your immediate relatives’ i.e. own brother, sister, father or mother. You do not have to say anything about your distant aunt or uncle staying there. Usually, it is not considered favourable if any of your relatives are overstaying in Germany.

Who all are earning members in your Family?

They are interested to check if you have a strong financial background. Mention all earning immediate family members of your like your Father, Mother, brother.

How long is the visa interview?

The visa interview usually takes 1- 1.5 hours (60-90 minutes). But it can take longer depending on the situation. They have to take your interview and cross-check your documents that all takes time.

How can I pass my visa interview?

Mostly students can pass the interview if they provide correct answers to the questions. For German Student Visa Interview keep following points in mind:

how to pass german visa interview
  • You must be on time for your visa interview. Getting late for an interview is considered worst. Mostly the embassy will refuse your entry if you are late.
  • Make sure to take the complete list of documents with you when you are going to the embassy. The embassy staff expects you to have all the needed documents. The originals and copies of such documents are to be gathered before the interview.
  • During the interview, you should answer straight to the point. Avoid beating around the bush. Be as honest as possible because embassy staff can easily whether you are speaking the truth or not.
  • If they question you something you do not know the answer of, simply tell them. Do not try to make up answers by yourself. Do not try to avoid the question.
  • Keep yourself confident and frank. This the way you should follow during the student visa interview. But never practice excessive talking and try to be specific

What should I wear to my German visa interview?

For an interview, you should wear something you are comfortable in. You should try to wear a formal outfit. Try to wear clothes that make you look confident and professional. Avoid shabby dressing like printed image shirts or body exposing clothes. Also, avoid overdressing putting strong fragrances. And do not wear too many accessories. Do not wear excessive accessories especially anything with discriminating figures or portraits.

How long does it take to get a German visa after the interview?

The German student visa processing on average takes 3-6 weeks. But it may take as long as 6-12 week or it may be obtained in 15-30 days. So it is recommended to apply for a visa early.

PDF file

You can also download these student visa interview questions and their answers for learning in pdf file given as follow:

We hope this article helps you pass the German student Visa interview.

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