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Can I Drive in Germany with Pakistani License

Can you drive in Germany with Pakistani license? Yes, a Pakistani driving license lets you drive in Germany for six months. Your license must be valid, and you must have had it for a minimum of one year to use it in Germany. The driver also has to be 18 years or older with no prior driving violations.

If you will not be residing in Germany for longer than 12 months and can provide supporting documentation, the driver licensing department may extend your deadline by 6 additional months.

If certain conditions are not met, then your Pakistan driving license will not permit you to drive in Germany. We’ll explain these requirements later on.

Drive in Germany with Pakistani License

Although an international driver’s license is not required for six months, you must translate your Pakistani driving license into German. In addition, if requested by authorities or car rental staff, it would be helpful to have a translation of your Pakistani driving permit on hand.

You can drive a car that weighs up to 3500 kg and is designed to carry eight people or fewer, including the driver. You may also tow a trailer weighing at most 750 kg.

Obtain a German driver’s license if your stay in the country is over six months unless you want to use public transportation. Pakistan and Germany have yet to have a mutual agreement that would allow Pakistan citizens to exchange their licenses for local ones.

You must pass the theory and practical driving exams to get a German driver’s license.

Driving in Germany with an Expired Pakistani Driving License

If your driver’s license expires, you can no longer drive in Germany. Driving with an expired license is the same as driving without a license. You may be fined up to €5,000 and imprisoned for six months if caught. Additionally, your vehicle can be confiscated.

Are Pakistani Tourists Allowed to Drive in Germany?

If you are a Pakistani tourist with a valid driving license from Pakistan. You are allowed to drive or ride motor vehicles in Germany as long as you have no normal residency (living for more than 185 days) in Germany. When driving in the Federal Republic of Germany, you must obey any conditions and restrictions imposed on your driving licence.

drive in germany with pakistani license

Please check which type of car you are allowed to drive; Germany has different types of driving licenses. Therefore, you need to check which type you have before you start driving in Germany.

Ineligibility to Drive in Germany with Pakistani Driving License

The following conditions do not allow you to drive in Germany with a Pakistani license: if the licence you hold is a learner licence or any other provisional licence;

  • If you have not yet reached the minimum age required by German law for the license category in question;
  • If you were living in Germany when you got your foreign driver’s license.
  • If a court of law in Germany has withdrawn your driving license, and this withdrawal is provisional or non-appealable, then you are not allowed to drive. The same applies if an administrative authority has refused to give you a driving license, and this refusal is immediately enforceable or non-appealable.
  • If a court issues a driving ban that cannot be appealed, you are not allowed to have a licence.
  • If your driving licence has been confiscated, seized or impounded in the Federal Republic of Germany, the state that issued your driving licence or where you have your normal residence.

If you are not or are no longer entitled to drive, please note that driving or riding a motor vehicle is not permitted and doing so will be penalized as if caught without a licence, more information can be found here.

To summarise, the Pakistani driver’s license must be translated into German. If the license expires, the driver cannot continue driving in Germany. Furthermore, certain conditions do not permit a Pakistani driver’s license to be used in Germany, such as if the license has been confiscated or the driver is no longer entitled to drive.



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