What is the Category BE Driving License in Germany

BE driving license

The Category BE driving license also known as the Trailer driving license allows you to drive a motor vehicle of Category B (up to 3,500 kg gross vehicle weight and up to 8 passenger seats) and a trailer with a maximum authorized mass of more than 750 kg, but not more than 3,500 kg.

BE Driving License (Trailer Driving License)

You need a Category BE driving license if you want to drive a motor vehicle and trailer combination with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3,500 kg. For example, if you want to tow a caravan or horsebox that weighs more than 750 kg, you will need a Category BE driving license.

BE Driving License Cost

The costs for training for the trailer driving license of class BE, depending on the number of driving hours, are approximately 400 to 1,000 Euros, in addition to examination fees ranging from 70 to 200 Euros.

Requirements of BE Driving Licence

The BE driving license in Germany serves a specialized purpose, allowing individuals to operate large trailers, including those needed for transporting items like sports boats. Here’s a closer look at the key details surrounding this unique driving license category:

Age Limit

The journey towards a BE driving license can begin at 17 years old through accompanied driving (BF17), or at 18 years old for a direct purchase. Applicants must already hold a Category B license, laying the groundwork for this next step.

Documentation and Validity

Applying for a BE driving license requires:

  • An identity card
  • A biometric passport photo
  • The license remains valid for 15 years
  • After the initial 15-year term, a renewal process is needed to ensure continued compliance and validity for another 15-year term

Examination Details

Unlike other license categories, the BE driving license does not require a theoretical examination. The focus is on a practical test, assessing the applicant’s ability to handle trailers safely and competently.

Vehicle Specifications

The BE license permits driving Category B motor vehicles with a trailer or semi-trailer, provided the maximum permissible laden weight of the trailer does not exceed 3,500 kg.

Special Features of the BE License

The BE category stands out for its specific focus on trailer driving, with no need for a theory test. It allows the transportation of up to 8 people, making it suitable for various purposes, from recreational to professional use.

Training for BE Driving License

Driving license training in the BE category focuses exclusively on practical training, culminating in an exam.

Mandatory Special Trips

Preparation includes mandatory special trips:

  • A trip on the motorway lasting one hour
  • Three hours of overland driving, providing experience on various types of roads
  • An hour of driving either at dusk or in the dark, to ensure competence in low-light conditions

(Note: An hour is considered to be 45 minutes.)

Role of the Driving Instructor

The driving instructor works with the applicant to determine the number of additional driving lessons needed with the trailer.

Exam Details

The exam takes place at the driving school and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of correctly connecting the trailer to the vehicle, adhering to safety regulations, and safely maneuvering the trailer through town and country.



The BE driving license in Germany is a valuable qualification for those interested in trailer driving. With specific requirements, a focus on practical training, and a unique examination process, it’s a category that offers new horizons for drivers.

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