Bei Nässe Sign – Meaning & Safety Tips

what does Bei Nässe sign mean

One important sign drivers should be aware of is the “Bei Nässe” sign. This German phrase translates to “when wet” in English and indicates that the road surface may become slippery in wet conditions.

What is the Bei Nässe Sign?

When the road is wet, the “bei Nässe” sign in Germany and other European countries indicates a reduced speed limit. In such conditions, drivers are expected to drive more cautiously to prevent accidents.

However, the regular speed limit applies in dry conditions, typically 50km/h in cities and 100km/h outside of cities unless otherwise specified. Unlike other roads, highways in Germany do not have a maximum speed limit unless indicated.

The speed limit sign is usually displayed in conjunction with this road sign.

The Bei Nässe sign is a white, rectangular-shaped sign that features a vehicle with the words “Bei Nässe” in black letters. It is commonly found in Germany and other European countries, but similar signs may also be used in other parts of the world.

The sign is typically placed in areas where the road surface is prone to becoming slippery in wet conditions, such as on bridges or in areas with poor drainage.

Why is the Bei Nässe Sign Important?

The Bei Nässe sign is an important warning for drivers, as it indicates that they should take extra precautions when driving in wet weather conditions. 

When the road surface is wet, it can be more difficult to maintain control of a vehicle, particularly when braking or turning. The sign alerts drivers to hazardous driving conditions, allowing them to adjust their driving accordingly.

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What Should Drivers Do When They Encounter the Bei Nässe Sign?

When drivers encounter the Bei Nässe sign, they should:

  • Reduce their speed.
  • Increase their following distance from other vehicles.
  • Avoid sudden braking or turning.
  • Ensure that their vehicle is properly equipped for wet weather conditions, including having sufficient tread depth and properly inflated tires, as well as working windshield wipers and headlights.
  • Stay alert and exercise caution while driving, particularly in hazardous conditions.


The Bei Nässe sign is an important warning for drivers to take extra caution when driving in wet conditions. By reducing their speed, increasing their following distance, and avoiding sudden braking or turning, drivers can reduce the risk of accidents and stay safe on the road.

As always, drivers must exercise caution and stay alert when driving, particularly in hazardous conditions. Also learn about the other traffic signs.

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