Question: 1.1.02-130-M What should you anticipate?

What should you anticipate?

A. That pedestrians will walk onto the road in front of me

B. That children will suddenly appear between the vehicles

C. That pedestrians will wait until I have driven past


What should you anticipate?

Option A: Pedestrians may cross unexpectedly, especially in areas with limited visibility or heavy traffic. Always be prepared for sudden movements and be ready to stop.

Option B: Children are unpredictable and may run out from between parked cars or other obstructions. They often do not fully understand road safety, so it is important to remain careful, particularly in residential areas or near schools.

Faisal Nazir
Faisal Nazir , an experienced driver with extensive knowledge of Germany's roads. From mastering the Autobahn to understanding the nuances of local traffic rules.


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