Question: 1.1.01-111 How could a dangerous situation arise?

A. Through vehicles at a standstill

B. Through failure to maintain a suitable speed

C. By having lights turned on during day


How could a dangerous situation arise?

Speed is another factor in the road traffic risk since many new drivers usually do not have considerable control over their cars. These drivers do not know that other people on the roads might not anticipate such fast driving speeds. Similarly, slow-moving cars are also an issue as they contribute to reckless overtaking and rear-end accidents. They can threaten pedestrians as pedestrians sometimes run into them or have to navigate around them. For enhanced visibility and safety, one should be able to switch on their car lights even in the daytime.

Faisal Nazir
Faisal Nazir , an experienced driver with extensive knowledge of Germany's roads. From mastering the Autobahn to understanding the nuances of local traffic rules.


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