Question: 1.1.01-004 You are to drive a motor vehicle with which you are unfamiliar. Why do you have to be particularly careful to begin with?

It is possible that I do not know enough about the special aspects

A. – of the arrangement and the function of the controls

B. – of its braking characteristics

C. – of its manoeuvrability


When you are to drive a motor vehicle with which you are unfamiliar, there are several important factors to consider for safe and effective operation:

Arrangement and Function of Controls: Various vehicles have specific designs for their controls among other factors (e.g. lights, wipers, indicators). You must be aware of these as the lack of familiarity may affect the use of the vehicle safely and effectively.

Braking Characteristics: Cars vary between their stopping power and speed of reaction. Knowing how a new vehicle works and how it brakes will help a driver avoid crashes and enable smoother stops.

Maneuverability: Every vehicle has its distinct driving characteristics depending on the space, mass, and other technical parameters of the car. It is therefore important to understand how it behaves when cornering or turning at low speeds and its maneuverability in general for avoiding collisions when driving in narrow streets or congested roads.

Faisal Nazir
Faisal Nazir , an experienced driver with extensive knowledge of Germany's roads. From mastering the Autobahn to understanding the nuances of local traffic rules.


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