How to Write Motivational Letter for Study in Germany

Motivational Letter for Study in Germany
The method to write an effective motivational letter.

With thousands of people applying for Germany. The competition is getting harder and harder. You will need something to make you distinct among others. Those who want to study master’s program have to provide a lot of documents. You are supposed to write a motivational letter to study in Germany. In this article, we will study about the motivational letter and how to write it.
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Motivational letter

A motivational letter is also known as the statement of purpose. It is a short piece of writing about yourself. It includes your past, your life aims, your personality, and your interests, etc. So it is basically a document you write to explain yourself. The motivational letter serves as a purpose to define you and your goals.

Student motivational letter for German university

A motivational letter is one of the key documents required during your university application. Admission committees in Germany take motivational letter very seriously. So these letters should reflect your commitment and intentions to study in Germany. Your letter should reflect your character, goals, and ambitions. This is the most personalized document. So many times you are selected based on your motivational letter. The German officer could judge you based only on the motivational letter. Whether you are an eligible candidate or not.
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Things to do before writing a letter

There some things you should study about before writing a motivational letter to study in Germany. These are as follow:

  • Search about Germany. Things that make Germany different. And find some Germany achievements.
  • You should find about the university of your Master’s program and about the program.
  • And Learn about their main projects, activities, philosophy, and interests will help you with motivation letter that what it should contain. 
  • Work done by the University in your program.

How to Write Your Motivation Letter

When writing your letter, you must consider relevant and interesting details about yourself. You have to prove the admission committee that you are the right candidate to be selected for the program. Your letter should focus on your intellectual personality. And it should not make you appear non-serious. You must plan the concept and the structure.

ow to write your motivational letter


  • An appropriate letter must have your goals and a short preview of the letter listed down properly.
  • First, give respect like “Dear sir” to start. And then tell you to want to study at this University.
  • Then you should write about Germany first. Write about how you can study better in Germany. That you would be able to achieve benefit from studying there. And also how it will be good for your home country and favourable for Germany.

You can look at the following example:

I have graduated in Computer Sciences from ( previous University Name), (Country name). I would like to pursue more advanced knowledge in this field apply it to IT industry as well as contribute to research and academia. Now I am applying for acceptance into your MS program, Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information Engineering with the major focus on Intelligent Systems. Bachelor studies and industrial experience made me realised the importance of system development with artificial intelligence. The most appealing thing is even computer systems are being replaced by artificial intelligent systems. Following my passion and interest, I would like to resume higher education with the (German University name). It would be my honour to contribute to your research and gain invaluable experience in your group.


  • Then you should write about why you want to study at the chosen university. What made you choose this particular University? Only after good research can you write about this.
  • And why you want to pursue the chosen program and the qualities you can bring to the program. If you have shifted field. Explain what encouraged you to change the field. If your previous studies were related to the current chosen program it will be favourable for you.
  • You should show your professionalism when writing. Write about the benefits you will achieve. And how it will prosper your future.

You can look at the following example:
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The undergraduate curriculum in Computer Science from (previous University name) introduced me to a wide variety of Computer Science subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures, Database system, Operating System, Computer Networks, Software for Mobile Device, and Web Programming. These subjects helped me to understand core fundamentals of Computer Science. I learned different programming languages; some of them are C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, JAVA and Android
  • After this add some personal experience and achievements.


  • Finally, conclude your topic. Write facts about why you would like to study this program. Give as many as possible.
  • In the end, thank the reader. And offer that you can provide further information if they need.

You can look at the following example:

Graduating from this university will be a major milestone in my career. I believe my passion for technology and ability to solve real-world problems combined with my desire to succeed will make me an excellent Computer Scientist, while the degree itself should equip me in invaluable skills that would take me to the forefront of research or an inspiring career.

Things to consider when writing 

There are some things you should keep in mind when writing a motivational letter:

thing to consider for motivational letter
  • Your letter should have a structure. Like, it should move from your introduction to your middle body (contains all details); and to a final conclusion.
  • And you should have a wise selection of words. You should avoid the use of complex words. In fact, use persuasive and simple tone.
  • Do not repeatedly say the same thing. Especially do not repeat what is written already in your Europass CV (i.e.  do not go into details about your academics and the schools/ colleges name)
  • Your goals should provide benefit to Germany as well as your home country.
  • Give time to writing a motivational letter. Your letters are very important.
  • Repeatedly check your motivational letter for any mistake. And do your proofreading.
  • Then match your letter with the available examples. If your looks to follow the basic method.
  • If you believe your letter is good enough then send it.
  • Your motivational letter should not exceed more than two pages.

Motivational letter vs Cover letter

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You should know that motivational letter is not the same as a cover letter:

  • A cover letter is written when you are applying for a job.  You should submit it with your CV as it gives you extra credit.  You write this when you have found a vacancy. And want to apply for it. This is written to grab the reader’s attention toward you. So that you able to gain a certain job.
  • In comparison, a motivational letter is written when you want to enrol in University, or a program, internship, etc. So this is basically for an educational purpose. With your CV it explains your motivation and passion for applying. It makes the officer understand you and your goals.

Motivational letter sample for master’s

If you are still confused, you can consult the sample letter:

We hope this article helps you write an effective motivational letter for your study in Germany.

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